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Energetic and powerful! 

Leveling Teaching Competition in Maple Leaf International School is coming!


On March 22, the preliminary competition of the third English leveling teaching competition of Maple Leaf Education Systems officially opened in Pingdingshan campus.

本次大赛旨在更好的推广《枫叶 ESL 分级课程标准》、《枫叶 ESL 分级测试标准》及《枫叶 ESL 分级教学质量评估标准》,实现枫叶教育集团第六个五年发展规划中提出的“要持续开展英语分级教学课堂评比、评优、共享,不断创建新课堂教学模式。”的工作目标,促进各校区英语分级教学的持续有效开展,提升 ESL 中外教师的教育教学水平和课堂教学效率,树立优质课堂典型,加强校区间教学研讨。

The purpose of the competition is intended to promote Maple Leaf ESL Curriculum Standard, Maple Leaf ESL Assessment Benchmark and Maple Leaf ESL Inspection Criteria, to realize the target of continuous creation of more efficient teaching modes in the Sixth Five-Year Work Plan,to implement ESL Leveling Teaching in all Maple Leaf schools and to improve teachers’ teaching ability and class efficiency in ESL leveling teaching classrooms.


Doing things prepared in advance will lead to success. Otherwise, it is doomed to failure. Under the leadership of Mr. David Jiang, deputy principal, the teachers of the ESL Center started their preparation early, seriously selecting topics, carefully preparing lessons and doing enough work. After the start of the competition, actively submit the topic, actively sign up to participate, in order to provide a platform through the competition, learn from each other, better to improve their teaching skills.



Let's go into the classrooms, feel the vitality and strength of the teachers of ESL Center, and experience the liveliness and flexibility of our English class together!


As can be seen from the pictures, each English teacher is full of vitality, and each student is full of spirit. In our English class, we always meet the students of different levels based on their individual needs, pay equal attention to listening, speaking, reading and writing, organically integrate games with learning objectives, and effectively combine explanation with practice, so that students can learn efficiently in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

1. 加强小组合作。合作是未来精英人才必备的能力,枫叶的老师,要从现在开始培养,从每节课开始做起;
2. 每个老师的课堂设计都是独具个人特色且精心准备的,要在现有基础上,进一步压缩、精简、优化,更好的讲练结合,促进学生对知识的消化吸收;
3. 要更加注重板书设计,让课堂的每一个细节,都带给学生美感。比如一节课讲四季的更迭,在设计板书的时候,就可以设计成圆形,不仅提升学生的审美能力,也帮助学生更好的理解季节的交替;
4. 承认学生的个体差异,满足不同学生的不同需求,进一步推进班内的分层教学。

During the competition, Mr. David observed every teacher, after class, he called the teachers together to do class evaluation immediately to consolidate the advantages and give suggestions to improve. He fully affirmed every teacher's vigorous and upward mental state of enjoying work and carefully preparing the well-designed class, with special emphasis on:

1. Strengthen group cooperation. Cooperation is an essential ability for future elites. All the teachers should start from now on and start from every class to cultivate the ability;

2. Each teacher's lesson design is unique and carefully prepared. On the existing basis, it is necessary to further compress, simplify and optimize, better to combine teaching with practice, and to promote students' digestion and absorption of knowledge;

3. Pay more attention to the board design, so that every detail of the class can bring students aesthetic feeling. For example, one teacher taught the four seasons. When designing the board, it can be designed as a circle to show the changes of the four seasons, which not only improves students' aesthetic ability, but helps students better understand the change of seasons;

4. Recognize the individual differences of the students, meet the learning needs of the students, and further promote the leveling teaching in the class.


Finally, Mr. David reiterated: the essence of our educational concept lies in "educating students", which decides that the key point of our teaching is not to teach students a few words and sentences but to educate them through the teaching of language. The improvement of students' thinking ability, the cultivation of students' emotional attitude and values, and the standardization of students' learning habits should run through our class. Hopefully every teacher can have the concept of keeping the students in mind when teaching.


The preliminary came to an end. In the competition, the teachers were indulged vigorously into the lesson preparation, swam in the world with wonderful language , in the analysis and communication, sentiment and experienced harvest laughter surprise. What they harvest is not only the improvement of skills, deeper self - awareness to better help all Maple Leaf students grow up healthily, which is the very significance of the competition.