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用充满活力的课堂,教出眼中有光的枫叶学子 | 英语中心第七次教研侧记

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Dynamic teaching makes bright maple leaf students.

— —The seventh sidelight of 

Pro-D meeting in ESL Center

April is like a poem and the grass is fragrant. The third English leveling teaching competition sponsored by Maple Leaf Education Systems is in full swing in Pingdingshan campus.
周一下午2:30,在本周英语中心的教研会上,中外教共同观摩由本校区优秀青年老师Teacher Linya带来的一节三年级英语课:“How is the weather today?”
At 2:30 p.m. on Monday, at the Pro-d meeting of ESL Center this week, all the bilingual and international teachers jointly observed English class in Grade three: "How is the weather today?" brought by our outstanding young teacher - Teacher Linya.
在开始看观摩课之前,Mr David把各位老师需要重点研究讨论的问题发给大家,并通过抽签的方式进行分组,以方便老师们在观摩的过程中,更有侧重点,分享也会更有针对性。
Before starting to watch the demo class, Mr. David sent questions to each teacher and divided them into groups by drawing lots, so that teachers would have more emphasis and share more pertinence in the process of observation.
Teacher Linya、外教Teacher Kamini和Teacher Katy一组,她们重点关注的问题是:
Teacher Linya, international Teacher Kamini and Teacher Katy are a group, and their main concerns are:
Point out one or two teaching techniques that impress you most or should be improved.
They believed that:
Good class atmosphere, vivid situation setting, teachers' energetic reading and high expectations of students made this class lively and efficient;
But at the same time, the teacher should give students more time and space to think, in order to really stimulate students' subjective initiative.
Teacher Villanelle、外教Teacher Norah和Teacher Chelsea一组,她们重点关注的问题是:
Teacher Villanelle, international Teacher Norah and Teacher Chelsea are a group, their questions are:
1. How does the teacher give instructions to the class?
2. Give some examples of how the teacher uses instructions to manage the class and move between activities.
Are you ready for class?
Look at the picture.
Let’s read...
They observed that:
In class, the instructions from the teacher were short and effective, and step by step. In this way, students received the instructions clearly and respond quickly;
For example:
Are you ready for class?
Look at the picture.
Let’s read...
But at the same time, the teacher can use polite languages to give orders for students, such as “Please”.
Teacher Emma、Teacher Ashley和Teacher Nikki一组,她们重点关注的问题是:
Teacher Emma, Teacher Ashley and Teacher Nikki are a group, they need to pay attention to these questions:
What assessment method did the teacher use? Show some examples.
What do you think of these assessment methods? Did they work well?
教师在授课中,评价方式灵活多变,对个人、A-B Partner以及小组都有评价,这种灵活的评价方式,更进一步培养学生的合作意识以及集体观念,让学生更积极的参与到课堂学习中来。
They noticed that:
When the teacher was teaching, she used varieties of assessment methods for the individual, A&B Partner and group. These methods further improved the spirit of cooperation, in order to be active for students in class.
Mr David对这一节课的课堂效果进行了高度的肯定,他指出,这节课的优点有目共睹,只有活力十足激情满满的教师,才能带出眼中有光的枫叶学子;同时,他也充分认同各个小组的观察成果,并做出总结:
Mr. David highly affirmed this class. He pointed out that the advantages of this class were obvious to be seen. Only teachers full of vitality and passion can bring out students with bright eyes. At the same time, he fully agreed with the observation results of each group and made a summary:
1. 真正把课堂还给学生。课堂环节的推进,应该是由学生带着老师走,而不是老师推着学生走,所以,老师可以给学生更多思考和探究的空间;
2. 评价方式需要更加多元,也要更具有针对性。评价的内容也越具体越好,因为评价本身就是一种引领,教师通过评价,告诉学生怎么做是对的,这在无形中,就对学生的课堂行为进行了规范;
3. 更进一步推进班内分层教学的实施。这要求老师充分关注教室里的每一个学生,真正了解每个学生的学习需求,这样,教师在课堂上可以根据学生的程度,对学生进行提问,一方面,是对学生学习成果的检测,另一方面,也鼓励了学生的学习积极性,让他感受到学习的乐趣所在;
4. 学习习惯的培养要一以贯之。三年级的学生,上课怎么朗读、怎么举手、如何组织自己的发言,甚至如何完成作业,都要由老师一点点的规范,这才是让孩子终身受益东西。
1. Make a learner-centric class. The promotion of teaching procedures should be led by students, rather than teachers pushing students. Therefore, teachers can give students more space to think and explore;
2. There are varieties of assessment methods and teachers should give specific comments to students. The more specific assessment content is the better, because the itself is a kind of guidance, teachers through the evaluation, tell students how to do that is right. This is invisible standard from class behavior of students;
3. Further promotes the implementation of leveling teaching in class. This requires teachers to pay full attention to each student in the class, and truly understand learning needs of each student. In this way, teachers can ask questions to students according to the level of students in the class. On one hand, it is the detection of learning outcomes of students. On the other hand, it also encourages students' learning enthusiasm, and makes them feel the fun of learning;
4. The cultivation of learning habits should be consistent. For the students in Grade three, how to read aloud, how to raise their hands, how to organize their own speeches, and even how to complete their homework in class should be taught by the teacher step by step, which will benefit the children for life.
开学一个半月以来,英语中心的教研工作扎实有效的进行着。Mr David坚信,唯有卓越的教研,才能成就卓越的教师。和风惠万物,百花俏枝头。未来,通过每一个老师的共同努力,平顶山枫叶国际学校的教育之花一定会越开越盛,绚丽多彩。

Since the beginning of this semester, the teaching and research work of ESL Center has been carried out solidly and effectively. Mr. David firmly believes that only excellent teaching and research can make excellent teachers. The wind benefits all things, at the same time, flowers are in blossom. In the future, through the joint efforts of each teacher, the educational results of our school will be more and more prosperous and colorful.